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How do I create my Scout account?
How do I create my Scout account?
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Welcome to Scout! Follow the instructions below to get started!

  1. Begin by visiting to create your Scout account.

  2. Once you have created your account, you will need to enter the invitation code found in your invitation email.

  3. After filling in your profile information (name, username and currency preference), you will be asked if you would like to upload a spreadsheet of your inventory.

By selecting "No", you can begin to sync your StockX account. More information can be found in the following FAQ: How do I connect my StockX account to Scout?

By selecting "Yes", you will be shown how to import your spreadsheet and connect your StockX account. For reference, you can find the instructions below.

Importing your spreadsheet and connecting your StockX account

  1. Using the template provided by Scout, reformat your existing spreadsheet.

  2. Once you have finished, click "I’m Ready". On the next page drag and drop your newly formatted sheet. Then select your native currency.

  3. When the spreadsheet tool appears, you will be able to assign your spreadsheet items to a matching product on StockX.

  4. By using the search function, on the left-hand side of the screen, you can find the exact product you are looking for. Select the correct one, and enter the row(s) where the product is located on the spreadsheet. Click "Save".

You can also select items in bulk and search for them. Once you’ve finished, Scout will begin importing your spreadsheet to your account.

  1. Next, sync your StockX account with Scout by clicking the "Log In" button. If you uploaded a spreadsheet, Scout will automatically sync any existing StockX listings to items that were imported from your spreadsheet.

If you’d prefer to not merge items, you can unlink them and keep your spreadsheet items and StockX items separate.

Finally, you can add purchase prices to your items imported from StockX or default them to the retail price. For creating new listings on StockX, follow the instructions in the FAQ: How do I list items for sale on StockX?

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