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How do I upload a spreadsheet to my Scout account?
How do I upload a spreadsheet to my Scout account?
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First, make sure that your spreadsheet is downloaded as a csv file.

If you are using Google Sheets, open the spreadsheet you want to upload to Scout and go to File > Download > CSV to download your spreadsheet as a csv file.

Then, on Scout, go to the Settings page and click "Browse" under "Import Spreadsheet". Open the csv file you've just downloaded from Google Sheets and click "Upload".

Next, Scout will ask which row contains the column headers – select the column header row and click "Next".

Scout will then ask what each column in your spreadsheet represents – go through each column and make sure what is in this column is correct and click "Next".

Scout will start importing your spreadsheet into your Inventory and Sales pages. If Scout is having trouble finding a column in your spreadsheet, rename the column and make it match the corresponding "What’s in this column?" option and try importing the spreadsheet again.

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