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I've sold an item on StockX, where can I find it on Scout?
I've sold an item on StockX, where can I find it on Scout?
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There are only a few reasons why one of your sales from an integrated platform may not be showing up and it's simple to check for all of them.

Has your integration synced?

Check what time your item was sold and the last sync was in Scout. If the item was sold after your most recent integration update, then Scout hasn't had chance to detect and import the new sale. You can either wait for Scout to automatically sync or click "Sync now" to get it going immediately.

Is the item that sold sitting in your deleted section?

If your item syncs before the time of the sale and you deleted it, it's probably sitting in the deleted section of your inventory. When items are there, they won't get updated if they sell and won't show up in your sales tab.

To see if it is there, first go to your inventory and switch to the deleted status. Next, search for your item.

Once you find the item, right-click it (or select it and click "Actions") and restore the item.

After doing that, you'll have to make sure your account syncs again to mark the item as sold. If you still haven't been able to figure out why your sale isn't there, feel free to open a ticket through the Scout website and we'll help you find out what's going on!

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