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How do I list items for sale on StockX?
How do I list items for sale on StockX?
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The seamless automation for your listings makes your sales process and management more efficient. You can list items for sale on multiple platforms directly through your Scout account, whether individually or in bulk.

Create a Listing on StockX

To list an item, start by clicking the "Inventory" tab. Then right-click the item you want to list and select "Place/Edit StockX Ask".

You can see the lowest Ask/Bid for the item if it's available on StockX. Fill in your Ask and the length of time until expiry. Based on your StockX Seller level, you'll see a breakdown of your total payout. When you are ready to list it, click "List on StockX".

Once your item sells, your account will be updated automatically and you can print out the shipping label directly from Scout.

Cancel a Listing on StockX

You can manually cancel both individual and bulk listings by clicking "Cancel StockX Asks".

Create a Bulk Listing on StockX

Got a lot of items that need to be listed? You can list several items at once by using bulk actions. Select multiple items using Shift or Ctrl + Click (Cmd + Click for macOS) and use the same listing method as you would for each platform.


Go to the inventory page and click the item you'd like to list, then select "List on StockX".

Enter your asking price and expiry date and then continue.

Your listing will be live. Once it sells, the item will go to your sales page.

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