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How do I connect my StockX account to Scout?
How do I connect my StockX account to Scout?
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Scout can automatically detect your active listings and pending sales, leaving you with a hands-free StockX sales tracking system.

StockX Integration Features

  • Automatically tracks and imports your new listings and updates them when they are sold.

  • Detects cancelled listings and removes them from your account.

  • Updates pending sales to completed sales with final values.

  • Creates active listings on StockX through Scout.

  • Prints shipping labels through your Sales page.

How to Set Up StockX Integration

Start by making sure that you are using Google Chrome and open the Integrations page. Click "Connect StockX account".

You will only need to sync your StockX account with Scout once. Follow the prompts to enter your StockX log-in details. If you are already signed in to your StockX account, Scout will automatically detect your log-in details.

Once logged in, your StockX account will begin to sync with Scout. After a few minutes, all your active listings and pending sales will be imported into Scout!

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